We get to the root of a problem.
You often have no idea what a real problem is. Most consulting services are too quick on advising without knowing what a real problem is. All problems have causes and solutions that only experts can diagnosis. For wide understand of your problem, we not only encounter with the clients but also customers, your business partners, even your competitors. We are sincerely dedicated to find the root of your problem, even by working at your company as an employee.We never back down until we know what the problem is and until solved completely.
We use every means to solve a problem.
It is mostly where you hardly expected that most of quality issues occurs in software engineering. Such as co-working, communication among members and programmer’s value, the real cause could be somewhere where the quality assurance process couldn’t detect. We consider all options and every method. Experts in organizational psychology, organizational administration, consumer psychology, sociology, philosophy are also with us when finding a cause and providing a solution. Software engineering should be able to suggest logical and well-organized solutions to all problems.
Our consulting optimizes your needs.
All companies face all different problems. The root of a problem is always complicated since there are many members co-working together. We optimize every case by using a new approach. Though the symptoms might look alike, the circumstances and the structure to problem are always different from one another. That might be the reason why, we never find ourselves utilizing the same solution twice. We detect your problem and optimizes your wants and needs to any problems.
We all are ‘Engineers’.
All ThinkforBL’s members are engineer and programmer before we are consultant. We underwent hardship as a small/mid-sized software company and still are experiencing some of it. We understand how hard it is based on our similar experiences. We see your problems as ours. We share your worries, go through the hard time together, and finally come out with a solution. We share our knowledge, experience know-how with you.
We think for a better life.